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The Owl and Pussycat Pre-School Session

Opening Hours:  9.00am - 12.00pm Monday to Friday.
                             12.00pm - 3.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays, packed lunch required.
        12.30pm - 3.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.

Your Child’s First Session
Their Key Person will greet you on your arrival and help your child to settle.  Parents should not feel worried if their child takes a while to settle.  By working together we can help your child feel confident and secure.

What to wear?
In order to feel free to explore and experiment with all kinds of materials, including messy ones like paint and glue, it is best to send children in clothes that are easily washable and preferably not their “best” clothes!    We offer a range of T-shirts and sweatshirts for uniform. It is available in a range of different colours and sizes. We also offer Legionnaire style hats for the warmer summer months.  Please ask the Administrator for an order form.

No jewellery to be worn at any time, only stud earrings in pierced ears for your child’s own safety.  

Most children enjoy outdoor play regardless of the weather, so please provide a suitable named coat/jacket and named Wellington boots.  In hot sunny weather, a named sunhat should be provided and sunscreen applied at home before the session so your child is ready for outdoor play.  

We accept children wearing nappies or “pull-up” pants, however spares of these must be provided. Please bring these in a named drawstring bag, these are available to order. We do have spare clothes in case of an accident, but you may prefer to bring your own.

Collecting your Child after Pre-School
Parents must inform staff if a different person other than themselves will be collecting their child at the end of the session.  Please complete the relevant form which is available in the entrance lobby. If the nominated person is unknown to the staff the password you provided on your Registration Form will be needed.

If your child has a medical condition that requires an asthma pump or epi-pen this must be on the pre-school premises when your child attends.  In accordance with our Medication Policy your child will not be able to stay without it.

If your child has been given any medication before pre-school please fill in one of our slips which are available in the entrance lobby.

If your child does not attend for any reason please either phone or email to let us know otherwise we have to mark our register as an “unauthorised absence”.  Holiday forms are available from our Administrator.